Letter to Borough Council from Visitor

At Monday’s agenda setting meeting, visitor Dave McQuade addressed council with two suggestions for conducting meetings in 2016.

The suggestions were contained in the following letter:

Merry Christmas and thank you for your service this year!

I have two observations from the meetings I have attended and I believe they would make the visitor’s more informed on the work you all have been doing.

I would like to recommend the agenda’s that are distributed to the visitor’s at the council meeting be a little more descriptive so that visitors clearly understand what is being voted on.

I would also like to request that beginning in January or February (as the new council members will be sworn in during January) visitors with comments could be given perhaps three or five minutes at the end of the meeting [staff note: in addition to the current visitor segment at the beginner of the meeting] to provide comments and input.

That policy is followed at both the school board meetings and North Sewickley Township meetings. It would allow the residents/voters who take the time to come to council meetings with concerns to be better informed and would also open up better lines of communication.

These requests will, I believe, allow the residents the opportunity to understand what is going on and will also better enable all of you to be more effective in your efforts to serve them.

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