Mysterious Mini-Nativity Appears on Municipal Building Property (Updated Dec. 16)

Update: The owner retrieved the possessions, and the borough is taking no further action.

A mini-nativity scene mysteriously appeared on the Ellwood City Borough Municipal Building property near the main entrance on Lawrence Avenue.

The tiny figurines were displayed in front of and on the Fireman’s Memorial. In addition, there was a sign that read “Ellwood, the city with the Nativity.”

At approximately 11:15 a.m., Borough Manager Bob Villella removed the sign and Nativity and placed the items in a box. The items will be available for the owner to claim.

It is unknown who placed the sign and mini-nativity scene and what day and time it was placed. An employee of a downtown store reported seeing the sign on Saturday.



24 Comments on "Mysterious Mini-Nativity Appears on Municipal Building Property (Updated Dec. 16)"

  1. Religious freedom is not a crime to have “Leads” but protected constitutional rights!!

  2. Someone has my respect and appreciation for that little display. In so many areas of our daily lives, people are having to ‘kiss-up’ to so many different factions … they get their freedom to display/speak/do and we have to respect THEIR way of life, which is fine, but it should go two ways; something that has been thrown by the wayside. I think the display is beautiful.

  3. I hope no one complains and has them take it down. If so, Maybe a private home or business close by would display it.

  4. the “owner” of that 35+yr. old nativity (which was kilned and hand-painted by a former ellwood city fire chief and his wife) will gladly donate the work to any local firefighter, police officer, church, or business who still believe in the true meaning of Christmas and have an interest in exercising their freedom of expression!

    • The bible does not suggest the celebration of the birth of our Savior.
      The bible does demand that we not “add to the words of this book”.
      Christ was NEVER in Christmas and it is disgraceful to place him in this pagan celebration. Those who claim to love the Lord should take the time to get to know what he says.

      • That’s the strangest comment I’ve ever heard…

        • Thanks Ed! I find it very strange that there are signs all over town saying “Keep Christ in Christmas” when the word “Christmas” is no where to be found in the bible. If we were supposed to celebrate Christmas would you not think there would be a mention of it in the bible? Why no mention in the very book of which Our Savior himself says “the volume is largely about me”?
          (Psalms 40:7)

  5. Mark and Kim Campbell | December 14, 2015 at 6:24 pm | Reply

    Why not sell me a legitimate 10 ft X 20 ft piece of the yard that I can will to the civic group of their choice that will hold it for eternity as PRIVATE property? Sell it to me for a dollar a foot and I can “donate it to such group!

  6. Separation of church and state, what a good idea. Religious freedom does not mean your religion belongs on public property because you like it there.

  7. No religious symbolism has a place on public, government property. Keep religion in your church, your home, and your heart. No one has an issue with your expressing your beliefs there.

  8. It truly amazes me how many people let our government dictate the outcome of these types of situations. The Ellwood City Pa residents have our support and blessings in this continual fight to stand up for our rightful freedoms. You are joined by you’re friends and neighbors in Ohio in having this display kept up PERMANENTLY during the holy holiday season. God bless the folks who had the courage to set this display up if only to remind us all what the holiday season is TRULY about. Shame on those who removed this display. YOU HAVE OUR SUPPORT ELLWOOD CITY PA from all of us in Ohio! PUT THIS DISPLAY BACK UP!

  9. Carol Kondrasuk | December 15, 2015 at 1:43 am | Reply

    Ellwood City I am so disappointed in you I grew up in this city How could you look away from this reason for this season. You were the eyes that watched us kids growing up and told our dad’s when we were out of hand. Well, you threatened us you would tell our dads. But you helped make us what we are today We love Christmas beyond getting presents. Many of us have left Ellwood but I returned in 2012 to be with Mother for the last few years of her life. She would have loved to see that nativity in front of the Municipal building . Hey Bob Villella… you celebrate Christmas? What does it mean to you REALLY?????!!!!! I can not believe this small town has just given up.

  10. This great country of ours, was founded on the principles of “in God we trust and the principles of freedom for all.”
    Whoever place that nativity is a true example of a patriot.

  11. Come together Ellwood. Put one out there EVERY DAY!

  12. It is sad to think a few people have that kind of control to have the Nativity taken down , CHRISTMAS has alway been about the birth of CHRIST !!! Please people stop and think how a few people are manipulating your life. Is it done to other religions ?

  13. Cynthia Gibbons | December 15, 2015 at 10:50 am | Reply

    I think the offensive part of this is that the tiny Nativity was removed..Hope whomever reported it has a Blessed Christmas..and FYI I have Photos that it was there..

  14. Cynthia Gibbons | December 15, 2015 at 12:40 pm | Reply

    Blessings on you BOB, crawl out of your hole and pray that courage will come to you and you will free yourself and be brave to post your full name!

    • Greetings Cynthia! That I am known to you is unimportant that I am known to Him is my only concern.(Matt 7:23 & 25:12, Luke 13:25) Please show me the bible verse providing for the celebration of Christmas. That verse does not exist, thus you should review these verses: (Proverbs 30:6, Revelation 22:18 & 19) Might I suggest a prayful study of the worldly origins of Christmas.

  15. Cynthia Gibbons | December 15, 2015 at 12:57 pm | Reply

    Please answer a question for me? As a Resident and Taxpayer am I allowed to walk on the grass surrounding the Municipal Building Mr. V?

  16. Maybe no one “placed” it there. Maybe it’s a Christmas miracle! I wouldn’t want to be the one to remove it…..

  17. Cynthia Gibbons | December 16, 2015 at 3:04 pm | Reply

    Hark The Herald Angels sing Glory to the Newborn King!
    Christ was born in Bethlehem! God Bless us all this Christmas, even you BOB STILL

    • The quote is from a man, John Wesley, not scripture.
      One final time, the bible does not tell us to celebrate
      the birth of The Christ and the bible does demand we not
      add to it’s word. Please prayfully study the origins of the
      pagan holiday Christmas and review Acts 17:11. Peace.

  18. Every home in Ellwood should display a nativity in a window, on the porch or front lawn!!! Don’t let a few outsiders come in a change your town. One came down, so put a hundred up! Turning negatives into positives!

  19. I wish the Ellwood tradition of the nativity continued, it’s so sad that my kids have to grow up in a town where some people have to fight against such things, for whoever put up the little nativity thank you for trying! And to whoever complained, your just a sad person! But Merry Christmas anyway!

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