Council Wishes to Enforce Uniform Policy on Body Armor

At Monday’s borough council meeting, council unanimously voted to re-affirm the borough’s position on the Uniform Policy on Body Armor.

The policy requires police officers to wear bulletproof vests as part of their uniform and was originally adopted by council in a unanimous vote on Nov. 18, 2013. According to council, two police officers do not always wear their vests, and council intends on enforcing the policy.

Council member John Todorich said the policy should be amended to say punishment is up to and including termination.

“Taxpayers pay for those vests, and they cost $1000 each,” Todorich said. “They should wear them all the time as part of their uniform like a construction worker has to wear a hard hat. It’s ridiculous.”

According to borough solicitor Ed Leymarie, the uniform is part of the police contract, and he feels it is within the borough’s jurisdiction to enforce the policy without negotiating with the police union. Mayor Anthony J. Court said he would inform the police department that he and council will be enforcing the policy.

Todorich added that the canine officers should also be wearing vests, and Court confirmed that they do.

The police union did not comment on the issue.

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