Mayor Presents Commendation to Bette Baney and John DeLoia for 50 Years of Service

Mayor Anthony J. Court presented a commendation to Bette Baney and John DeLoia for their 50 years of service to the Ellwood City community.

The DeLoias, who have organized the Halloween and Christmas parades for half a century, stepped down this month following the Halloween Parade. Caroline and Scott Golmic have taken the mantle and are organizing this year’s Christmas Parade.

“The residents of Ellwood City would like to commend you both for your devoted dedication to the entire community,” Court said in the commendation. “After 50 years of organizing parades, this is truly the end of a very special era. The love you have shown toward the community and the time you have given, putting smiles on the faces of children and memories for everyone who participated, is something that will remembered and shared to future generations.”

“As Mayor, I commend you both for your kind acts of giving, a devotion of love to your community and your dedication of bringing joy to many families. You have shown how rewarding it has been for you both to put smiles and laughter on the faces and in the hearts of our community. Bringing joy to families and teaching our young that community is an important part of life and for this we are grateful that you have chosen Ellwood City as your home.”

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