EllwoodCity.org’s Annual Halloween Costume Contest

Due to the overwhelming success of previous years’ contests, EllwoodCity.org proudly continues its fall tradition with the 2015 installment of the Halloween Costume Contest.

Submissions begin TODAY, and go on through end-of-business on Nov. 2. All photos appear on EllwoodCity.org’s Facebook page on Nov. 3. Then, voting commences on Nov. 3 and continues on until Nov. 10. To vote for your favorite photo, simply ‘like’ it, then ‘share’ it to obtain more votes from your friends!

The top two photos that receive the most votes win cash prizes of $50 a piece, courtesy of EllwoodCity.org.

The Rules:

1. Dress your kids up for Halloween! Easy enough, right?
2. Submit the best photo of your child in his/her costume to EllwoodCity.org
3. VOTE!
4. Win and collect your prize!

For more information, call (724) 752-5552 or email ecstaff@ellwoodcity.org.