Parking Meters May Be Coming to Crescent Avenue

At the meeting on Monday, April 20, Ellwood City Borough Council voted unanimously to advertise an ordinance placing three two-hour parking meters on the intersection of Crescent and Sixth Street, between Sixth and Vosler Way.

This followed complaints from local business owners that cars have been parking all day in the area, hindering customer parking for the businesses.

At the meeting, visitor Robert Wilson, of Robb’s Ignition, addressed the Council and explained that he prefers to park cars there after working on them until the customer can pick them up. According to Wilson, he is not the only business owner who wishes parking enforcement in the area.

The issue had been discussed years ago when high school students would park on Sixth and Crescent for the school day. Nothing was done, and now Wilson explained that downtown employees park there instead of paying the meters on and around Lawrence.

The topic had been discussed in prior council meetings, and the Borough planned on advertising an ordinance to place a 90-minute parking sign in the area.

However, Mayor Anthony Court pointed out that 90-minute parking sign enforcement falls to the police department, which would not be available all the time to issue citations. Parking meters, which are enforced by the parking enforcement officer, would be checked regularly.

Council decided to change the advertised ordinance from a 90-minute parking side to parking meters. Connie MacDonald expressed concern that council should not start placing meters on Crescent Avenue. However, the vote to advertise the ordinance was passed unanimously. The vote to pass the ordinance will occur in May’s meeting.

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