2015 Rumble Party a Smashing Success

Hometown hero Shane Douglas defended Ellwood City in an epic battle inside and outside the ring. The main event of the 2015 Royal Rumble Party saw world champions Douglas, of New Brighton, and Detroit’s Rhino battle through the Sons of Italy Hall to prove who was the real champion. In the end, hometown favorite Douglas triumphed.

An enthusiastic crowd packed into the Sons of Italy on Sunday, January 25, to watch five matches between locally and nationally famous wrestlers. The event saw the hall filled to a sold-out crowd.

In the opening match, Chris LeRusso defeated Ganon Jones Jr. to win Pittsburgh Indy wrestling bragging rights. Rumble organizer Matt Boffo described the fight as “a great display of pure technical wrestling.”

In the Ellwood City grudge match, Ellwood natives King 2.0 and Exodus, graduates of Lincoln’s Class of 2002, brawled all over the hall going through tables and smashing guitars. Even Exodus’s mother got involved, slapping King 2.0. Ultimately, King 2.0 emerged triumphant.

“The crowd was on fire and very hyped up throughout the entire evening,” Boffo said. “The fans were incredibly energetic, and it truly seemed like they had a blast. I’ve been to a lot of shows over the years and this was the most fun and rowdy crowd I’ve ever experienced.”

Colt Cabana and Cliff Compton, an out-of-state duo, defeated Gory and G-Raver of Pittsburgh in an entertaining tag team match.

The penultimate fight matched professional wrestlers Sabu and Façade. Sabu won in a wild and bloody Extreme Showdown that Boffo said will likely leave both men sore for weeks.

However, the matches were not the only highlight for spectators, who had the chance to enter a Pick ‘Em Contest. Lincoln High School Class of 2000 graduate Ed Annarumo took home the $1000.00 cash, declaring “with Valentines Day right around the corner I can plan something great for the wife.”

The matches climaxed with Douglas versus Rhino, seeing the former emerge as the victor of the 2015 Royal Rumble Contest.

“Overall it was a great event,” Annarumo said. “The time and effort put into it was amazing from top to bottom. I was really impressed with the local kids that competed and put on a great show. Kudos to all.”

Boffo was more than pleased by the turnout of the Rumble. “It’s an honor to sell out the Sons of Italy Hall. Thank you so much to all the fans, friends, family members and Ellwoodians who came to the show and supported the cause. It was a surreal experience. I had goosebumps the whole night.”

Of course, Boffo will be organizing future Rumble Parties.

The match run-downs were as follows:

  1. Pittsburgh Indy — Chris LeRusso defeated Ganon Jones Jr.
  2. Ellwood City — King 2.0 defeated Exodus.
  3. Tag Teams — Colt Cobana and Cliff Compton defeated Gory and G-Raver.
  4. Extreme Showdown — Sabu defeated Façade.
  5. Main Event — The Franchise Shane Douglas defeated Rhino.

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