Loccisano’s Begins Fuel Rewards Program

For nearly 100 years, Loccisano’s Golden Dawn has served the Ellwood City community with fine meats, fresh produce and delectable baked goods. Last week, the family-owned and operated grocery store implemented its newest value proposition with the commencement of the fuel rewards program.

Customers now have the opportunity to save money at the pump simply by shopping at Loccisano’s, which aids in keeping business local. Floor manager Lexie Loccisano believes that fuel rewards give loyal customers all the more reason to continue their patronage of the establishment.

“It’s a way to say ‘thanks’ to all of the loyal customers, Loccisano said. “We are known for our meats, which brings people in, but we want to give people another reason to stay here and do all of their shopping. We want to reward customers for coming in.”

The fuel rewards program runs in conjunction with two local gas providers: B&B Mini Mart on River Road and B&B Express on Lawrence Avenue. For every $50 spent at Loccisano’s, customers earn a $.10 discount per gallon on fuel purchases. After speaking with other gas station owners, the Loccisano’s ownership team found a perfect match and partnered with local businessman Bob McNutt, who owns both B&B stations.

The fuel rewards program runs as part of a recent transitional phase at Loccisano’s, which proves to be centralized around the customer experience. Within the last calendar year, the management team instituted both a sandwich shop and coffee bar. Now, patrons can enjoy hot beverages, donuts, bagels, muffins and delicious deli meat on fresh-baked buns while purchasing their groceries. Loccisano explained that the positive changes will continue.

“We plan to sell gift cards to department stores and restaurants soon,” Loccisano said. “That way, people can buy [their gifts] here and earn more fuel rewards.”

With the Loccisano’s centennial quickly approaching, the store’s future looks brighter than ever. The recent addition of fuel rewards keeps business in Ellwood City in both the grocery and gasoline industries, which greatly contributes to the growth of the local economy and keeps the borough competitive in the retail market.

“We want to remain competitive, and give people something extra,” Loccisano said. “I’ve been here for twelve years, and these are definitely the biggest changes I’ve seen. It’s exciting.”
Customers may register for fuel rewards by picking up the Loccisano’s Rewards Card at the customer service desk. To receive the rewards, present the card each time you shop. For more information, stop in the store or visit loccisanos.net.

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